Really an incredible game for mobile application standards!

I downloaded this yesterday for $4.99 and was amazed by the complexity of the game considering its platform. There is a full length career mode along with various challenges you can complete. When you start the game you only have the default option of one snowboarder, “Dude,” but you are able to unlock more characters as you advance in the game play.

This game reminded me a lot of the SSX series on playstation 1 back when I actually played video games.. but the cool part is – I was able to relive the entire experience while sitting in the passenger’s seat of my girlfriends car! (She has since threatened to delete the app)…

anyways.. check out the trailer and see if its something you would enjoy.


Why is it that the Final Four games always have better basketball than the championship game? Seriously, It looked like an exhibition game last night. Though there was a lot of effort on both sides of the court, nooone seemed to be able to make a basket until UConn hit their hot streak toward the end of the second half.

I mean 19 points in a half? Wow.

Maybe the game was a “battle of two great defenses,” or a “grindout game” from the start, but in terms of entertainment value – it was hardly worth watching.

I really didn’t have a favorite since Duke was knocked out, but I still enjoy seeing a good competitive game.

I honestly have more hope for seeing that caliber a game in tonight’s womens’ match between Texas A&M and Notre Dame.

There are tons of health benefits you receive from snowboarding that seem to get overlooked, as do the health benefits of most mountain sports i’ve found…

Here are a few quick stats about snowboarding:

6.6 million people snowboard each year
51% are aged 7-17
Snowboarding is one of the fastest growing sports in the US
Recreational snowboarding can burn up to 630 calories / per hour depending on weight

Some of the health benefits include:
Strength training for hamstrings, quadraceps and calves,
Strong abdominal muscles needed for stability on the board
Ankle and feet strenthening used from steering.

I came accross an interesting article entitled “Healthy and Fit: Snowboarding with Aaron Kawcak” that reminded me of all the healthy benefits that come from being on the slopes. It is an excellent account of how someone without a childhood of ski sports grew to love snowboarding and the benefits that come from it. Kawcak is now a snowboarding instructor after coming from the East Coast with no experience, even claiming himself to have never been much of an athlete.

For the relevance of my post – there is also information on how snowboarding’s health benefits….

Kawcak claims a person can burn anywhere from 300- 1000 calories snowboarding.
He said this on strengthening:

What health benefits does snowboarding provide for the body?

Snowboarding can be an exhausting sport. It demands a lower body strength and a decent core. It can be an excellent way to stay active during the winter and a great way to stay in shape overall.

…Pretty succinct, but right on.

anyway, if you get nothing else from this lackluster post – remember that this form of recreation also helps your body in numerous ways that seem to slip under the radar when considering this fun pasttime.

That’s Right! Though the ski seasons virtually over, Park City Mountain Resort determined they would extend their ski season as well… Perhaps in a move following The Canyons? No se.

Regardless, this means more skiing for everyone. Now stop reading and go hit the slopes.

Happy skiing.

4th Annual Spring Grüv-2011

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10 Days of Concerts, events and contests!!

Registration to the first 100 Applicants at

Red Bull Schlittentag on Saturday, April 2

“Schlittentag” is German for “Sledding Day.”
“Three-person teams of daredevils will propel themselves down a snow-covered hill and over a jump on a sled they built themselves. One will be the pilot and the two others will help give their sled the push it needs to win the race.”

On April 3, World Record holder Grete Eliassen will be showing her film “Say my Name,” @ 6 PM at the Grand Summit Hotel – This film features the 2 year trip Eliaseen made with Stan Evans and culminates in her record-breaking hip jump at Canyons resort in April 2010.

We just can’t stay off the top 10 lists 😉 Looks like Frommer’s is recognizing Park City Mountain Resort and The Canyons Resort as being in the top 5 best destinations for snowboarding in the country!

I found the following blurb on each from the SLC Tribune Lifestyle section-

For Mountain Resort: “Frommer’s highlights it as the spot where some of the sport’s best train. But the park also has features and terrains for all ability levels.”

For Canyons: “appeals to snowboarders because of its natural terrain features such as tree runs, natural half pipes, bowls, and fresh powder stashes…”

Here is the link to the full article:
Once again.. You can’t beat our snows!

When my brother and his wife visited this past week they booked their vacation condo through a boutique firm located here in Park City. Along with having a great selection of sites not listed on the other booking sites – it is a small enough company (currently) to offer quality customer service throughout the transaction.

My brother was very pleased with the service they provided him, and handled all of the business at their office right off Hwy 224.

I went and stayed with them one night to check out the condo, and my god.. it was the nicest RENTAL i’ve ever seen. If you have a larger party seriously check out this unit: Nordic Village 2408. check out some pictures here:

They have a large number of other units I think the family will probably work through in the upcoming seasons, so I’ll post reviews of them as soon as I’ve seen them.

In the mean time, if you’re staying in any of Park City’s 3 resort, scan these properties to see if any appeal to you and let me know what you think. That’s it for now!